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Prevent Wetsuit Rash

If you’ve ever encountered wetsuit rash you’re not alone! Almost all cold water sport activities can cause some sort of wetsuit rash or chafing. 

What is Wetsuit Rash?

Wetsuit Rash is a rash that occurs when your skin becomes irritated, due to the combination of moisture (water or sweat) and friction between your wetsuit and your skin. Luckily, Body Glide® products are a safe and effective way to form an invisible barrier and protect your tender areas. 



Body Glide® products are widely used by triathletes to swim, bike, and run more comfortably. In the swim portion of a triathlon, Body Glide® balms guard against wetsuit neck chafing and make it easier and faster to get wetsuits on and off during the transition. 

  • NEVER USE PETROLEUM JELLY! In the past, triathletes have turned to petroleum jelly for its lubrication purposes. But it has been proven to damage and deteriorate wetsuit material.  Don’t ruin your expensive Tri gear. Use Body Glide®  products for all your wetsuit chafing needs.
  • Swim Rash Guards – swim rash guards are great but only help protect the upper body and can make your wetsuit fit poorly and less comfortable to wear.  


One of the most common causes of wetsuit rash occurs while surfing. Also known as Surf Rash, wetsuit rash occurs from repetitive movements between the wetsuit, surfboard, and skin. The neck, stomach, and inner thigh areas are affected due to their constant contact with the board. Use Body Glide®  balms in these areas to mitigate wetsuit rash and enjoy more time “shredding the gnar”.  If this seems like a perfect use for Body Glide products, you’re right! Body Glide® was developed by a surfer who was tired of Surf Rash!


Swimmers greatly benefit from Body Glide®  products because it allows them to feel more comfortable in their speed and open water suits. Due to the repetitive strokes of swimming, friction builds up between the swimmer’s skin and the wetsuit. The Inner thighs, shoulders, and armpits tend to receive the most abuse. Wetsuit rash can be mitigated with Body Glide®  products. Apply the balm to the affected areas and feel the irritation glide away. Without worrying about wetsuit rash, swimmers can focus on training to their fullest potential.


Scuba divers tend to wear thicker wetsuits or drysuits while diving to great depths. They also spend long hours wearing them on the boat while to and from dive sites. These factors contribute to a higher chance of wetsuit rash due to the increase in friction between you and your wetsuit. We recommend using  Body Glide® products because they can be easily applied to affected areas without having to change out of your wetsuit between dives.  



Cold weather Activities

Although vital for staying warm and healthy, wearing a wetsuit in cold weather heightens the chance of wetsuit rash. As the temperature drops and your body is exposed to colder temperatures, your blood is drawn away from your skin, thus drying it out. Dry skin, even in water, is more likely to become irritated and cause wetsuit rash. Use Body Glide®   balm before these cold weather activities to prevent wetsuit rash and maximize your experience outdoors!


How to Prevent Wetsuit Rash

  • Apply Body Glide® balms on your armpits, neck, wrists, thighs, ankles and on any “problem areas” for your specific wetsuit.  Boom!  No more excuses not to surf daily!
  • Our waterproof, plant based formula doesn’t damage wetsuits or the environment.  Everyone wins!


Before body glide there were very few resources to combat wetsuit rash. Body Glide®  products were born out of a need from athletic and recreational explorers.

The first Body Glide® product was invented by a surfer who was tired of his wetsuit rubbing against his neck (a.k.a. surf rash).  He was driven to develop a plant based anti-chafing balm that wouldn’t degrade his wetsuit, and in 1996, Body Glide® was born!  Today, discerning surfers use and recommend Body Glide® above all other solutions!

  • Waterproof and specially formulated with plant-derived materials, just one swipe of a Body Glide® balms can last all day.
    • Unlike petroleum jelly, Body Glide® products aren’t greasy and won’t harm neoprene or eco-friendly, non-neoprene wetsuits. It also won’t stain clothing.
    • Apply the balm to your rib cage, chest, inner thighs and neck to stop surf rash before it starts.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 can be used to prevent sunburn.