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How to Prevent Surf Rash

surf rash is a thing of the past with Body Glide

What is Surf Rash?

Surf rash used to be an unavoidable part of surfing. What starts off as a mild skin abrasion, can quickly turn ugly after repeated surf sessions. Your skin, softened by the saltwater, becomes irritated due to repeated friction from your surfboard, your surf wax, your wet suit, or your boardshorts. Repetitive motions like paddling, position adjustment, sitting, getting up and laying down  can cause these abrasions to worsen. Skipping the proper protection and care, these mild abrasions can develop into nasty sores that will keep you out of the water. 

How to Prevent Surf Rash

For years surfers have used basic tricks to avoid surf rash:

  • Petroleum Jelly – This is the WORST way to try to prevent or fight surf rash.  Not only does it rub off easily and make your board slick as ice, petroleum jelly degrades and damages wetsuits and pollutes the marine environment.  DO NOT USE PETROLEUM JELLY!
  • Rash Guards – Rash Guards are great but really only help on the upper body.  Boardshort rash and wetsuit rash will still occur

As you can tell, there are MAJOR flaws with the traditional solutions to surf rash. Guess what?  These are the exact frustrations that led to the birth of Body Glide®

The first Body Glide® product was invented by a surfer who was tired of his wetsuit rubbing against his neck (a.k.a. surf rash).  He was driven to develop a plant based anti-chafing balm that wouldn’t degrade his wetsuit, and, in 1996, Body Glide® was born!  Today, discerning surfers use and recommend Body Glide® above all other solutions!

  • Waterproof and specially formulated with plant-derived materials, just one swipe of a Body Glide® balm can last all day.
  • Unlike petroleum jelly, Body Glide® products aren’t greasy and won’t harm neoprene or eco-friendly, non-neoprene wetsuits.  It also won’t stain clothing.
  • Apply the balm to your rib cage, chest, inner thighs and neck to stop surf rash before it starts.

How to Prevent Boardshort Rash

  • Apply a quick layer of Body Glide® from the knee to mid thigh on each leg. This is the area exposed to the most friction when sitting on your board, waiting for the next wave to shred.  

wetsuit rash is a thing of the past with Body Glide

How to Prevent Wetsuit Rash

  • Apply Body Glide® on your arm pits, neck, wrists, ankles and on any “problem areas” for your specific wetsuit.  Boom!  No more excuses to surf daily!
  • Again, our waterproof, plant based formula won’t damage wetsuits and won’t harm the environment.  Everyone wins!

Whether you’re surfing Pipeline at the North Shore or a weekend warrior that hangs ten on Sundays, the Body Glide® lineup of balms are the #1 anti-chafing brand surfers recommend.