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Armpit Chafing

Armpit Chafing

Whether you are reaching for a cup of coffee, playing a round of golf or simply walking, your armpit is constantly under motion, making it a frequent place for chafing to occur. Chafing is the result of skin rubbing, on other skin, ill fitting clothes or rough seams. Athletes, overweight people, people employed in hot and humid conditions, and anybody working regular or strenuous movements for a long period suffer from armpit chafing.

What Does Armpit Chafing Look Like?


Armpit chafing can range from irritated, dried skin to full on blistering and rash-like symptoms. You may also experience:

  • Sore, tender, and red skin
  • Pain, ranging from discomfort to an intense stinging pain
  • Scabbing or a chapped dry texture between your armpits and torso

Why Does Armpit Chafing Occur?

Chafing happens as layers of the skin are worn off, due to friction, making it red, raw and irritated. Armpit chafing stems from continuous and repeated arm action toward the torso, as well as moisture and sweat build up. This mixture of friction and moisture causes the skin under your arms and in your armpit to become irritated, chafed, and sore.

How To Prevent Armpit Chafing?

Keep armpit chafing at bay by applying a moisture-rich barrier between you and your skin or clothing. Body Glide® balms are specially formulated to allow your skin to move freely over itself and your clothing, reducing friction and eliminating chafing. Also, wearing the correct apparel mitigates the chance of chafing. When buying exercise clothing and  undergarments, select garments that do not retain sweat and evaporate moisture. Keep the skin clean and hydrated with proper hygiene and ointments..

How To Get Rid of Armpit Chafing?

Here are some tips to help you heal if armpit chafing has already occurred:

Armpit Chafing Treatment

  • Gently wash the chafed skin to clean and clear any residue from the affected region.
  • Use natural soaps and ointments as man made chemicals can intensify the pain. Apply an ointment that is rich in moisture over the region affected
  • Enable the affected area to breathe and wear clothes that will not irritate the infected area or rub against it.
  • In most cases,  minor instances of armpit chafing should clear up after a couple days. If the problem intensifies, see a doctor or care provider due to the fact that there could be a yeast or bacteria buildup.